Let me start by confessing two things to you about which I have not been entirely honest.  Nicky is my nickname and my middle name is spelled Ashley not Ashleigh.  Whew!  I'm so glad I got that off my chest and now we can move on and be closer than we were when you started reading this.

I'm horrible when it comes to the "About Me" spiel.  Either I don’t know myself as well as I thought I did or I just can’t quite find the words to define my inner workings.  In any case, when I sit down to write about my who, what and where, I’m at a loss.  Since I assume you visited this section of my blog in hopes of getting to know me a little better, I’ll try my hardest not to disappoint you.

My name is Nicole.  I’m 29.  I’m a mother to three beautiful children and a girlfriend to a pretty awesome guy with whom I am currently building a pretty great life.  I love to write and I try to paint and occasionally I dream of singing professionally and then I remind myself that I have neither the self-confidence nor the funding for the amount of anti-anxiety medicine necessary to allow that dream to come to fruition.  I’m a girly girl in the sense that I love clothes and makeup and glittery things, but I hate talking about my feelings, I don’t like shopping and I think sunsets are depressing not romantic.

I started this blog to build a place in which to stash my literary ramblings.  Just before I began blogging, I’d kinda given up on writing.  My motivation was lacking and my words weren’t flowing like they were a few years back when I’d spend hours typing away about everything and nothing and anything.  Since I started blogging, I can feel that flow returning slowly, like a trickle down the face of a cliff that used to house a waterfall.

The last thing you need to know about me is how thankful I am for you.  You're reading this!  That's so awesome to me and I'm extremely grateful that you took time out of your day and your life to read about mine.

And now that we’re properly acquainted…

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