Monday, February 9, 2015

Now Seeking New Experiences

To wrap this post up in one sentence before I've even gotten past the intro, experience usually doesn't find you, you find it.  Week after week, I go from home to work and back again.  I rarely take alternate routes, make unnecessary stops or spontaneously change my destination.

This past weekend, I was reading a blog post by LaTonya Yvette which featured photos of her and her son in front of an amazing mural of a woman breast feeding a child.  Instantly, I thought how lucky she is to live in New York where there must be countless wonderful murals and street art to enjoy and photograph.  On second thought, I realized that I live in Los Angeles where there are countless murals and lots of street art and many amazing things to enjoy and photograph.  I just don't make the effort to seek those things out.

I often shy away from new experiences because new things give me A LOT of anxiety.  I often google new places I'm going to visit just so I can get a feel for what the location looks like and the general atmosphere in which I'll be spending some time.  It's super odd, I know, but it helps me feel less anxious.  And, if it's between cyber-stalking a new place and not going at all, I choose to be the creeper checking everything out in advance.  Most times, I have to force myself to do new things, but in the end it's usually very worth it.  The events I'm most freaked out about end up being unforgettable experiences that I'm happy to have had.

Here's the deal.  You're not going to find amazing if you're not looking for it.  You'll never explore the world if you're constantly hiding in your own little corner of it.  You have to go and find and try.  You have to seek new, exciting experiences and discover your own murals.

This week, I challenge you (and myself too!) to experience one new thing.  If you'd be so kind, come back afterward and share your experience in the comment section!  Thank you for reading and happy Monday!

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