Friday, January 2, 2015

We're Getting Married?!

Let the pinning begin!  As I stated in my Gifts from J post, we are officially engaged and planning to marry. After a bit of consideration of whether or not to just save money and elope, we've set a tentative date for an actual wedding.  In the end, it came down to our desire to have our family and friends be present when we exchange our vows.

I am excited, scared and anxious all at once.  I have a thousand ideas bouncing around in my mind like a pinball machine on the fritz.  It's only been a matter of days and already I've subjected J to more wedding-related conversations than any man should ever have to hear.  I've also asked him at least ten times if he's sure he wants to marry me.  Finally, he responded, "If you ask me that again, I'm not going to marry you."  I haven't asked again.  Yet.

So far I've downloaded two apps from and I've been on Pinterest everyday (although I'm trying to be very conservative and not pin everything I come across).  I have a couple dresses that I'm in love with but as my taste is rather fickle, I won't be making a decision for quite a while.  And not before I try on at least a couple dozen dresses of course.

I will most likely be writing more pre-nuptial posts in the months to come, so check back if you're interested to see how it's all going.  Thanks for reading!!

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  1. oooohh wow! i am so happy for you what amazing news! i wish you all the happiness in the world, you deserve it! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Thank you! :) Loved your Topshop Beauty post!