Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Little Ones Wednesday: January Update

Happy Wednesday!! I was going to do a Valentine's Day outfit post today, but as I was unsuccessfully scouring online shops for heart-themed attire and accessories, I discovered it may be a little early for that. Instead, I've decided to write a little about what our little ones have been up to in the last week or so. Here goes...

Ella returned to school on Monday after weeks of winter vacation. We straightened her hair which she was so excited about and couldn't wait to show her friends. She's been really responsible lately, doing chores without any whiny moments and volunteering to help with her brother and sister. She's loving her new iPhone and although we have had to tell her a few times to unplug and rejoin the living, she's been pretty responsible with it so far. As the days start to get longer once more, I'm hoping to get her outside and active soon. J wants to put her on a local track team while I'm leaning more toward soccer. We'll see what Ella says!

Hendrix is growing up too fast. He's learning new things (mostly mischievous things) daily. His favorite activities are drawing, playing on his LeapPad 3, watching videos with Ella and chasing Sadie around. Speaking of his LeapPad, he has a brand new one as of tonight because he chucked his old one in the bath (he just got it for Christmas!). That was his retaliation for my allowing Sadie to bathe before him. He's been very cheeky lately and is very much in the terrible twos stage now. He's been testing boundaries and our nerves. He's still very kindhearted though. I call him our sour patch kid because the motto fits him - first he's sour then he's sweet.

Last week, Sadie learned how to climb my and J's bed. While she does know how to get down as well (she learned by watching her big bro), she's extremely reckless when she's up there. She bumps into walls and launches herself from side to side. I can just see her flying off the bed or into a wall. Other than that, she's just been following Hendrix around and learning a lot from him. She's also learned something very cool recently. She can catch her Nemo stuffed animal when J throws it to her. We start her from across the room, she runs toward him and then he throws Nemo. She laughs as she catches him each time.

Well that's all for tonight! Sweet dreams everyone! It's Thursday tomorrow so I'll see you here to talk about all things thankful. :) Until then...

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