Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Early to Bed Tuesday

Tonight’s blog will be short and sweet since I am determined to get to bed at a decent hour.  For the past few weeks, my sleep schedule has been a mess.  I've been going to bed as late as 3am some nights (or mornings!).  In the morning, I'm dragging and I can't wait to climb into bed in the evening.  When bedtime does roll around however, I find myself unable to sleep.  Most nights, I just can’t seem to shut my brain off.  I often come up with really great ideas around midnight so choosing between staying up and getting some sleep is difficult.  Should I really sacrifice my moments of epiphany for some extra shut-eye?  I am also guilty of snuggling up with my iPhone in bed which I know is a huge no-no if you’d like to get some quality Zzz’s.  Although, if I peruse Pinterest long enough, I usually drift off.

In the last few days, nothing has really helped.  I've tried reading various things, swallowing valerian root tablets, taking a hot shower and drinking chamomile tea.  Where's the sandman when you need him??  Is anyone else having this issue?

Tonight, I'm talking NyQuil to combat the headache and some lingering congestion I'm experiencing.  Hopefully, it will also help me get some much-needed sleep.  Sweet dreams!

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