Monday, January 26, 2015

Do Everything You Can...

…because there are so many who can’t.  Two weekends ago, I watched a documentary about impoverished families in Guatemala.  It really got me thinking about the opportunities I have that so many other people don’t.  And how I turn them down.  Or let them pass me by.  Because I’m tired.  Because I’m afraid.  Because I “just can’t”.  I can’t?  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Individuals who don’t have access to the resources, people and finances that I take for granted on daily basis, they can’t.  I can.  And I owe it them to do everything I can.

Instead of watching mind-numbing reality shows after the kids are tucked in, I should be writing.  I should be drawing.  I should be learning.  I’m trying to improve.  It takes a lot of reminding myself to push along in spite of the temptation to curl into a little ball on the couch and flood my mind with useless television that drowns out the sound of the real things that beg my attention.  Of course, light silly things have their place, but when they take precedence over hard work and commitment, they become a hinderance, nay, a detrimental act.

This week, let’s focus on those who are not only less fortunate but less capable.  Let’s think of the people who can’t and tell ourselves that we can.  Act and choose, remembering that so many others have limited choices as to their actions.

Happy Monday!

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