Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ten Things We Did without Our Kids

So I was supposed to be blogging my Christmas card DIY, but I kind of slept in until 1pm today.  That’s because we had no little alarm clocks to wake us from our slumber.  This weekend, we had over 24 hours of completely kid-free time (plus we were down to one child on Friday night when Ella and Hendrix spent the night at my mom’s and J’s mom respectively).  Although we both miss them all dearly, it was nice to have a little time on our own.  Below are ten things we were able to accomplish without our little ones at home.  And don’t worry!  I left that out.

Party It Up - Last night, we went to dinner with friends in honor of J’s 30th birthday.  We had a great time at a local sushi bar and followed that up with drinks at a bar that was walking/stumbling distance from the restaurant.  We took a Lyft car home so we could both enjoy the evening responsibly and made it safely home around 1am.  If you’d like, you can read my Get Ready with Me post here.  Huge thanks to everyone who made the night so much fun!

Nursing the Hangover - Due to the previous night’s festivities, J was not feeling his best upon waking this afternoon.  He stayed in a horizontal position for most of the day until I begged him to walk to the store with me around 4pm.  Before that, I made him a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of orange slices and I bought him a Smart Water, lemon lime Gatorade and a Coke upon his request.  Thankfully, his self-induced sickness has subsided and he’s almost 100% once again.

Let the Air In - This may sound like a small, silly thing, but opening our sliding glass door is major for me.  I love natural light and air but unfortunately having babies roaming our balcony is not always best.  While the outdoor area is pretty baby-proofed, it’s not without its dangers.  Once, when the roof was being repaired, we found stray shingles and nails littered on floor (not cool!).  There is also the issue of Hendrix’s fixation with throwing things off the balcony down to the parking lot like the baseball a few months back which, luckily for his parents, did not collide with any of our neighbor’s vehicles.  Also, as it is fall and the California weather is starting to submit to seasonal changes, it becomes a little chilly when we leave the door open so it’s best the kids aren’t here for that.

Poor Eating - We do try to keep the kids eating healthfully, but since they weren’t around to see us, we ate.  We ate bad.  I had a package of ramen last night.  I chopped broccoli and onion and threw in some corn and extra soy sauce all while I was slightly inebriated.  J had two grilled cheese sandwiches today - one regular and one with ham.  For dinner, we ordered pizza (I know it’s so much worse by the second!) which concluded the day’s malnourished menu.

Ruling the Remote - Today, J and I had full control of our home’s viewing surfaces.  J watched football almost non-stop from the time he awoken until now.  Literally right now.  As I’m typing this at 10:52pm, he’s watching football highlights.  I watched House Hunters and YouTube videos on my computer which we setup in the kitchen which is yet another thing I can’t do with the kids around for fear of one of the littler ones pulling the cord and sending a very expensive Mac crashing to the floor.

Clean Up - I don’t even have to explain to any parents out there how truly difficult it is to clean while a troop of children are present.  We did laundry, scoured sinks, scrubbed floors and even put toys away without them being displaced again moments later.  I know it’s super lame that cleaning was one of the better parts of our day, but it was and it was wonderful.

Stress-Free Shopping - Shopping is another task which can become a bit daunting with little ones in tow.  We walked over to the stores across the street and had a very pleasant shopping experience.  There was no Ella pleading “Can I get…?”  No Hendrix helping himself to anything within arms reach.  And no Sadie exploding into a crying episode which often triggers her brother to do the same while we scramble to subdue them.  It’s not completely horrible when we take them shopping, but today was definitely a nice change.

Increased Communication - Many times, when we come home from working all day to a thousand things which need to be done and three little people who vie for our attention, it’s hard for J and I too find time to sit down and chat amongst ourselves.  J actually suggested I include this in today’s post as he noticed we were able to talk a lot more, about many different subject while the kids were away.  This was probably one of the more meaningful activities as it’s so important to maintain the foundation of our family - the he and the me.

Enjoy the Silence - When we weren’t communicating, we got to enjoy a little quiet time with no crying or screaming or stomping about.  It was like one long nap time in our house today and we did enjoy the peace.  After a while we did miss those little sounds, but it was a nice little break from so many little noises.

Hit the Snooze Button - This is quite possibly the most important thing we did today.  In fact, there wasn’t even a need to hit the snooze button as there was no alarm set to disturb us.  And so we slept a much-needed, and I like to think a much-deserved, sleep.  I woke up in a bit of a panic because it was so late and I didn’t want the kids driving my mom and dad absolutely nuts.  Luckily, they were more or less behaved and ended up staying until around 6:30pm.  Thank you very much to the grandparents (J’s mom too!) that made this weekend possible.  We love you lots and appreciate everything you do for us.

Well, that about does it for today’s post.  I hope it was too disappointing that I didn’t do the DIY today, but look forward to it probably this week or next weekend.  Thanks for reading!!  Sleep tight!

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