Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Six Activities for Kids with Sleepy Parents!!

We all have those days when, for one reason or another, we just can't imagine doing one more thing. Whether it is a particularly rough day at work or a cold that’s keeping you down, sometimes it’s difficult to be a super active, energetic parent.  Since today is one of those days for me, I thought I’d put together a short list of things that will entertain your little ones without wiping out what little energy you’ve got left.  Here they are…

Read a Book

Nothing halts little feet and brightens little minds quite like a book.  Grab a blanket, pull up a couch and read as a family.  Your mouth may be reading, but your body is resting and that’s a great thing.  If you have older children, like Ella, they can read while you relax and listen.  This way, you conserve a little more energy without sacrificing any quality time.  Ella’s current favorite is the Magic Tree House series.

Make Some Art

I’m not talking gingerbread houses or popsicle stick Eiffel Towers here.  You can save the big craft projects for a day when you’re on your A game.  When you’re not feeling your best, just take out some crayons and paper (we use this roll from Ikea) and let the kids have at it.  Ella and Hendrix will draw for at least 30 mins straight and Sadie doesn’t mind watching them while making some colorful attempts of her own.  All I have to do is make sure the little ones don’t eat the crayons.

Build a Fort

This activity may be a little labor-intensive in the beginning but it has the potential to keep kids occupied for hours.  As forts are fun for any age (I love them too!), you really can’t go wrong with this one.  Throw a few pillows on the floor, string up a couple sheets and add some fairy lights (if you’re feeling up to it) and let the fun begin.

Make a Meal

You have to do it anyway no matter how sick or sleepy you may feel, so why not make it a family affair?  Big kids can do a lot of the safer kitchen tasks and, if they’re careful, they can do some of the chopping and peeling as well.  Make it fun for them and they’ll help you make a amazing meal.

Take a Walk

I know this may not be what you want to hear, but sometimes a little fresh air and exercise is just what the doctor ordered.  Physical activity is a stress-buster and it even may boost your energy level.  The kids will have a blast and - BONUS - they’ll be a little calmer by the time you make it home.

Watch a Movie

If all else fails, just pop in their favorite DVD and call it a day.  They’ll sit down long enough for you to lay down and you’ll both benefit from the time spent with each other.  After all, a good snuggle on the couch never hurt anyone.

Well guys, I’m off to bed now at 9:14pm - yay me!  Talk about a nice, early night.  Sweet dreams everyone!!

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