Monday, December 15, 2014

Progression Over Perfection

I finally got around to watching last Monday’s video from FitLifeTV and I’m so glad I did.  If you are not subscribed to FitLifeTV and/or have not watched the video, see it here.  The thing that really hit home for me was the thought of pursuing progress rather than perfection.  I have never been good at this.  I wait so long to do things the “right” way that I end up missing the opportunity to do them altogether.  I held off on starting this blog for so long because I wanted it to be perfect and now, looking back, I know it would have been worlds ahead of where it is right now had I only begun way back when the inspiration first hit me.

Slowly but surely, I’m trying to change.  This weekend, instead of waiting until I have every frame and every piece of wall decor I want, I started on the photo wall I’ve planning for months.  I just started.  I left a few blank spots for items I plan on acquiring in the future and just forged ahead.  I know this is an extremely small feat, but for me it was a big step toward letting go and allowing things to come together slowly.

If you’re like me and you’re holding back from doing certain things or pursuing certain dreams because you’re waiting for the perfect moment to act, don’t.  I know from experience that living that way just doesn’t work.  Get out there!  Put yourself out there and do what you want before it’s too late.  I’ll try to do the same.

Happy Monday and sweet dreams!

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  1. that is such a refreshing way to look at things!! ive recently started working out myself, and instead of wanting to be smaller or lighter, im aiming to be stronger, both mentally and physically! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Thank you Amy! Good luck in everything!