Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our Christmas Day 2014!!

Happy day after the day after Christmas day from all of us to you!  So I had promised daily blogging in December and unfortunately I have not delivered.  I did not blog Christmas Day (at J’s request) or yesterday (I was really really tired).  If anyone’s reading, I hope you’re not too disappointed.  I’m back though and I’ve brought our Christmas Day photos with me!  We had a great day filled with lots of presents, food and a few visitors.  The kids had an amazing time opening their gifts and we had lots of fun watching as they did.  There was a big surprise at the end of the night which you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram, but I will talk more about that in tomorrow’s post.  For now, here are our photos.  Be warned, there are A LOT.

Santa was here!

Let's get started...

These blocks kept all three of them occupied.

Good morning, Sadie!

Hendrix inspects his next present

Gift debris...

Our little builder

And an even smaller version

And our big girl builder :)

Sadie got help from Daddy...

and Hendrix did too!

Time to put the blocks away and get dressed for the day

This is Christmas in LA!

They're ready to open some more...

Ella's big gift from Dad and Denyse is...

an iPhone 5C!!

Ellie Bellie

Hunting for more...

What's this one, Hendrix?

Opening his gift from Uncle and Auntie

Now he can be super even when he sleeps!

Getting help from Grandma :)

To Hendrix, Love Grandma

What to play with first? Hmm...

Sadie Lady

From Nana to Sadie

Opening gifts with help from her Uncle :)

Sadie found Nemo!

To Sadie, Love Nana and Grandpa

Beautiful dress for Sadie from Uncle and Auntie

Ella's favorite game - now in plushie form!

More presents for the little ones... Thanks everyone!

Even if we don't eat many, I love seeing candy canes around the house during Christmas.

Posole on the left and collard greens on the right

Ella found another one :)

Big sis, little sis reading time

Sadie and Daddy

Most of my gifts to J had a fitness theme like this one above.

From J to me! See what was inside during tomorrow's post.

My "like father, like son" gift to J and Hendrix

Sadie and Nana :)

Tomorrow I will be posting my Christmas gifts from J as I did exactly one year ago today.  I always enjoy haul and “what I got for…” type posts and vids so I thought doing a similar post would be fun.  I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend and preparing for an amazing New Year!!  Happy Saturday!

<3 n

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