Monday, December 29, 2014

I'm a Fit Girl for 2015!!

While in a Vans store this Friday with Ella, her dad Danny and his fiance (yay!) Denyse, I had an epiphany.  I was going to be a skater chick in 2015.  My wardrobe would transform into “Skater Chick Chic”.  I’d wear Vans shoes and t-shirts and jeans and put my hair in ponytails or soft beachy waves everyday.  That is what they dress like, right?

Fast forward to today and I’ve had yet another epiphany - a more logical one this time around.  I am going to be a fit girl.  No, I’m not going to wear a sports bra and lycra everywhere I go.  I am going to think, eat and act fit and yea, probably don a sports bra and lycra once per day.

I’ve grown extremely tired of feeling unfit, unhealthy and tired all the time.  My feeble attempts in the past to be healthier have been futile.  I need to man up (or woman up??) and just be healthy.  Not get healthy.  Not try for healthy.  Just be healthy.  I need to act healthy and think healthy and, in a sense, fake it til I make it.  If I simply pretend and believe that I am a fit girl, I think I’ll be much further along than when I’ve just settled on trying to be a healthier version of myself.

I also want our family to be healthy and change its eating habits as well.  We can all do with a little more healthy in our lives.  I’ve done meal planning and prepping in the past and have come to the conclusion that a combination of both would suit us well.  I will (I almost wrote “I want to”) be planning our meals each week, but also prep some things (i.e. cook chicken the night before for tomorrow’s lunches, chop fruits and veggies in advance for snacks, make flavored water ahead of time).  I think this will work well for us.

Another thing I’d like to implement is a family walk.  Every Sunday, I’d like us ALL to walk, including my parents, J’s parents, J’s brothers, etc (whoever’s interested on any given Sunday).  This way, we’re bonding, getting fit and enjoying nature all at the same time (bye bye cellphones!).  I’d like this to be early, preferably around 9am and afterward I’d do our grocery shopping and prepare for the week.

Speaking of groceries, I am currently (I’m writing this on Sunday but posting on Monday) creating a grocery list based on two cookbooks I’ve just purchased - The Oh She Glows Cookbook and Salad Samurai.  I got the ebook version from the Apple Bookstore.  Thumbs up for instant gratification in moderation!  I am really eager to dive into these as I’ve grown really bored of the recipes I put together and I am in desperate need of some motivation.  I’m also considering, pending J’s approval, ordering a bi-weekly organic food delivery from  Not only would it save some time at the store, we’d be exposed to new fruits and veggies we haven’t tried and we’d be eating locally grown produce.

In my quest to be fit, I will also be deploying some non-food-related items to help along the way.  First, I will be using my planner to plan meals and exercise routines.  I really need to stick to this as organization and planning truly keep me going.  Next, I’ll be dusting off and climbing aboard my elliptical that I purchased months ago and have since neglected.  I did only 10 minutes on it today (Sunday) because the babies were outside with me and even with J’s supervision they were constantly coming over to see what I was doing.  Hendrix got scraped by the elliptical wheel which of course did not deter his curiosity.  My knees hurt a little (I fell down the stairs on Tuesday) in the beginning but after a couple minutes everything was going smoothly.  Finally, I’ll be purchasing a FitBit pretty soon.  I bought J the FitBit Charge for Christmas and he loves it so far.  While it could be viewed as just another gadget, I think it will really come in handy if only to remind us to get active and get more sleep which we both need to do.

So, here begins my fitness journey.  Wish me luck!  I will be looking for fitness, fitness journey and healthy-eating blogs to add to my reading list, so if you write one such blog, please leave me a link down below!  As always, happy Monday!  I wish you tons of motivation that fills you with energy and sees you through the rest of the week successfully.

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  1. Wishing to be fit and actually getting fot are two different things for me! Ha! I'll have to move off that sofa! If you're looking for some recipes (ok, not all of tchem are super healthy, feel more than welcome to head to my blog!) :)

  2. I completely understand! I just checked out your blog. The beet/carrot/spinach juice looks amazing and your photos are beautiful! I've had a similar recipe before and I'm all for juicing. Happy New Year!