Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Decor 2014!!

Hello and Happiest of Holidays!!  I cannot believe it's almost Christmas and, half-a-blink from then, it will be New Years and we'll all be saying goodbye to 2014.  We got a late start on our holiday decorating, but it did begin to feel a lot like Christmas once we did get around to dressing up our house.  Next year, we will most likely be purchasing a new collection or adding significantly to our current collection of decorations.  For now, here is our holiday decor...

While our Christmas tree is not a coordinated masterpiece, I love it.  We have a very eclectic mix of ornaments ranging from the kids' first ornaments to J's Duff Beer ornament (seen at the lower right corner).  As much as I'd love to have a beautifully and strictly themed tree, I wouldn't change ours for the world.

Knock, knock!  Here is our homemade Christmas wreath which I actually stripped of its ribbons from the two previous years and adorned with the ribbons I used to make our fall wreath.  This mostly occurred because the key pattern matches our doormat and I just wanted to extend this lovely decoration coordination for a bit longer.

I'm also in love with burlap.  This ribbon's combination of burlap and lace is so great to me.  I love the put-together look it exudes.

What do we have here?

This little hand is the reason we have plastic ornaments strategically placed at the bottom of our tree, while the glass ornaments nest on top.

You'd think hearing "no, no, no" fifty times per day would deter her, but alas it does not.

The ceiling fan in our dining area became a little festive with this large golden star.

Glass, ribbon and potpourri make up our current dining table centerpiece.  It's doesn't exactly scream Christmas, but the sprigs of pine needles and the use of the burlap ribbon tie everything together.  I like the rustic woodland look that's going on here.

Side note - this ring of twigs was actually our fall wreath.

Before we were together, J's favorite Christmas tree was (and still may be) this replica of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.  It's so adorable that we bring it out every year.  This year, instead of just the classic red ball from the movie, we've added our collection of Peanuts ornaments to this nearly naked little tree.

If you look closely, you can see Sadie's stuffed one ornament in the bottom of her shirt for safe-keeping while she attempts to steal another.

The base of the Peanuts' tree complete with Linus' blue security blanket.

This marquee ampersand (purchased from Michael's) will eventually go above our bed, but for now it's found a home on our breakfast bar.  It adds a little more twinkle to our home which is perfect for the holidays.

Behind the ampersand sign are a little bit of sparkle and some artificially frosted pine branches.

As in previous years, we are burning one of my favorite candles from Bath & Body Words, Fresh Balsam.  It smells like a wintery walk through the pine trees which is a perfect aroma for this time of year.

Happy Holidays and XOXO from all of us to you!
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