Saturday, December 6, 2014

Get Ready with Me: J's 30th Birthday!!

Today we are officially celebrating J’s 30th birthday.  The kids are at nana and grandpa’s.  The friends and family have RSVP’d.  The only thing left to do is get ready!  I always enjoy watching “Get Ready with Me” videos on YouTube, so I thought I’d do a similar thing here on my blog.  Here it is!!

I used this Freeman face mask after showering and while waiting for my hair to dry.  It makes my skin really smooth which is perfect when I need a good canvas for my makeup.

Here I am all face-masked and in my dressing robe.  Hehehe…

Here are my current makeup bag contents including my eyebrow brush which is actually a broken paintbrush.  Only me…

Bye bye curls!!  This is my hair in its natural state.  It used to be a lot curlier.  I mean like A LOT curlier.  I guess it finally gave in to all the straightening aka abuse I subject it to.

For my nails, I’m using a neutral color from Essie called Limo-Scene because I just really love a great neutral nail.  I didn’t end up using the gold glitter polish because I ran out of time (I was literally painting my nails while editing these pictures).  It is one of my favorite polishes at the moment though.

If you’re wondering what J (like any typical guy) is doing while I’m spending hours in the powder room, wonder no more.

Let’s not kid ourselves.  We all need it.  This one’s pretty good although I’m not too thrilled by the scent.

Hi guys!!  I’m almost ready!  Selfies are so much harder with giant cameras.  Lol!

Ok, so that giant camera I was referring to ran out of battery so I’m switching to iPhone selfie mode.  Please forgive the reduction in photo quality.  I’m all ready now and it’s time to post this and get on the road.  My dress is by Romeo & Juliet Couture (found at Burlington Coat Factory years ago) and my little half sweater thing was from Love Culture (also a while back).  My shoes are from Target (just classic black platform heels) and I'm wearing a few mix-n-matched bracelets which I believe are all from Forever 21.

Well, I’m leaving in 12 mins so I’m going to wrap this up quickly!  Have an awesome weekend and thanks for reading and getting ready with me!!

<3 n

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