Friday, December 5, 2014

Foodie (Coma) Friday!!

Welcome to today's Foodie Friday post!!  In the future, I plan on adding recipes or other more substantial food-related posts here, but this time I'm simply giving a quick rundown of what I ate today.  I was just too busy to do much more this week.  I hope you enjoy it anyway...

For breakfast, I had french roast coffee with pumpkin spice creamer.  I really need to start eating  an actual breakfast each morning but I never really feel hungry in the morning and I don’t usually give myself enough time to ensemble an AM meal.  Every time I think about my anti-breakfast attitude, I think of a picture I saw on Instagram or maybe Pinterest.  I can’t find the picture right now so I’m going to draw it for you…

So, I am the sad one eating little to no breakfast and building more belly than muscle.  Not good.  I’m going to try to change.  Anyway, onto lunch.

I was going to have a can of Amy’s tomato soup for lunch at work until one of my co-workers offered to get me something from Sprouts.  We ended up eating veggie chips, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries.  It was really yummy and felt like a good amount of food despite being a pretty light meal.

We went to J’s mom house for dinner.  She cooked enchiladas and rice in honor of his birthday.  For dessert, we had chocolate cake and milk.  It was all very delicious, but I’m pretty sure I’m going into a food coma now since as I type this I am starting to nod off.

Before I crawl into bed, I’d like to wish you all a happy happy Friday!!  I hope you have a beautiful weekend!  Tomorrow I will be blogging a “Get Ready with Me” post as we are going out for J’s birthday.  Stay tuned!

<3 n

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