Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Card Photo Shoot 2014

Hello everyone!  It is Little Ones’ Wednesday on my blog so today I thought I’d show you a few photos from our Christmas card photo shoot.  I use the term photo shoot very loosely as I am not a professional in any way, shape or form.  However!!!  I do love photography and what else would one call a session during which pictures are taken if not a photo shoot?

We are sending out Christmas cards early this year and to a much larger list of family and friends.  I completely failed last year and only handed out a few cards.  The unused, unwritten cards are still in our hall closet since I refuse to send the same cards two years in a row no matter how little were distributed.  Don’t worry.  I’ll use them next year so they don’t go to waste!

I have narrowed our Christmas card photos down to fourteen that I really like, but I’m not going to post the finalists just yet as this weekend I will feature them in a super simple Christmas card DIY.  So, without further ado, here are a few of the runner-ups…

I really love this one, but we went with a sweeter, more natural shot for our Christmas card group photo.  Other factors that ruled this one out were Ella's position (I should have had her scoot toward the middle), that weird cement thing Hendrix is sitting in (he found it all on his own) and the fact that the flash made the photo a little unnaturally bright.

This is another cute picture, but Ella's dress looks a little odd because it is too big for her.  I actually ended up tying the back with a ponytail holder to bring the waist in a bit.

This will be included in the inside of the card.  It's just not our cover shot.  I am in love with it all the same though.

I am kind of obsessed with taking shoe and accessory photos.  I snapped one of my red tartan scarf on the grass as well.  One of my original thoughts was to use this photo in a collage for the card, but I've decided against that.

I think this one is adorable, but it's just too blurry.

Another shoe pic!  This one is of Hendrix's little boots that we purchased from Target.

I love this one of Ella.  If it weren't for another photo that I like even more, this would have been inside the Christmas card as well.

Bonus!!  Here is our 2014 Santa photo (not taken by yours truly)!!  I'm so glad Sadie isn't one of those girls who can't act natural in front of the camera.  She's totally comfortable with just being her self.  Hehehe...

I hope you enjoyed our little Christmas card photo preview.  Please check back throughout the week (as I'll be blogging everyday!!) or this weekend to see my Christmas Card DIY!  Happy Holidays!

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