Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'm Planning on Planning...

At heart, I am a very organized person.  I like order.  I like everything to have a place. Organization gives me a sense of peace.  With three kids, a job, a significant other and all my other duties however, it is sometimes difficult to stay on track.  A couple Sundays ago, I picked up my 2015 planner from Target.  It is absolutely adorable with its gold polkadot cover and cheery pink interior and, since it was only $10, I couldn’t say no.  Here are a few things I’m planning on using my planner to plan…

I'm a mommie of three and as such I'm a pretty busy lady.  Keeping track of milestones, appointments and school schedules is a must.  In addition to this, I’d also like to create and maintain a strict budget this year.

As I am a full time employee and a supervisor at my company, maintaining notes and schedules is extremely important.  I do have a dedicated work planner for the new year but my personal planner will also house some work-related items.

If I'd like my little blog to grow and flourish (and I really really do), proper planning is a critical part of the process.  I’m hoping that scheduling my posts will get me writing more regularly.

I am horrible when it comes to remembering birthdays. I mean the absolute worst. Strangely, I usually remember birthdays right up until the actual day and then completely forget to deliver birthday wishes.

Meal planning is a huge time-saver and it seems to help us stick to a healthier diet so I will be writing out our menus each week this coming year.  Jotting down the ingredients in my planner will also help during grocery runs.

Because my memory is horrible, it's imperative that I write things down to remember them.  It's also nice to look back on events after they've passed.  A few months back, my mom and I happened upon one of her old planners.  It was so neat to think of what we were up to all those years ago.

Thank you very much for reading!!  I hope you enjoyed this post and it brought you a bit of organization inspiration.  Happy planning!

<3 n

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