Saturday, October 11, 2014

Our Day at the Zoo

Today we ventured to the LA Zoo in honor of Hendrix and Sadie’s birthdays.  Below are a few of our favorite photos from our trip!

As Ella has an amazing sense of direction (which she totally did not get from me), she was in charge of mapping our trip.

If every work day involved lying in a sun-drenched pool...

My favorite color and one of my favorite zoo exhibits.

Ella's giving the ol' take-the-picture-so-we-can-get-on-with-this-day-please smile.

Hendrix vs Alligator.  I'm not sure who should be more frightened of whom.

California Kangaroos chillin...

Can you spot the Koala?

Snake hugs...

Hendrix and Daddy in the natural spotlight.

Ella's photo of a Mountain Bongo.

Hippo pool party!

Gorilla watching...

Found one!

J's favorite part of the zoo (and one of Ella's too!).

Even out of its natural habitat, the Wild Valley Sadie will still graze and lounge all day.

This tortoise was one of the things Sadie easily spotted during our trip.

Big sis and little sis taking a break at the zoo's play park...

...but Hendrix takes no breaks.

Ella on a lily pad!

Random foliage because it's just that nice to look at.

Ella and Mommie sneaking in a selfie...

My favorite shot by far.

Last but not least, we have the backside of Randa the Rhino.  She is an Indian rhino and a cancer survivor!

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