Thursday, September 25, 2014

Very Thankful Thursday: Fall and Football

As I stated in my last post, I’m really excited for fall.  Aside from the much-need weather change, I’m looking forward to the holidays, the decorating and especially the return of football.  Did I mention this is my second season of fantasy football?  Last year I came in second.  As of right now, I am in 6th place out of 14 of us (13 guys plus me) with two wins and one loss (a loss by 0.30 points - not cool!).  J is in 7th place.  Just thought I’d throw that in there.  I’m not bragging though because that would invoke karma and I’d probably lose every game from here on out.  Anyway, back to being thankful…

Fall is the kickoff to the holiday season with Halloween and Thanksgiving leading the way to Christmas and New Years.  Fall is an excuse to get cozy and a reason to cuddle.  It seems to slow everything down, quieting the hustle and bustle and making the world a more pensive place. Fall balances out the crazy, spontaneity of summer.  The return to school means a return to routines, bedtimes and schedules.  Also, during the summer, we spent more time hiding indoors with the AC blasting watching TV than enjoying the sun outside.  Since autumn makes the outdoor air a little more bearable, we'll be able to get out and get active.  Evening walks, weekend bike rides and early morning hikes are just a few of the activities I'm looking forward to doing with our family.

So thank you, fall!  You are back and I'm so glad you're here.

<3 n

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