Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ella's Braid Tutorial

As it's been so incredibly hot in Southern California the past few weeks, we've braided Ella's hair most days to help her beat the heat.  Quite a few of her friends and even some of her teachers have recently asked how her braids are constructed.  This was kind of a shock to me as I feel like the styles I've done have been pretty simplistic.  Nonetheless, I decided to do a post here on my blog featuring a quick tutorial on how I braid Ella's hair.  This particular style is super easy yet adorable.  I've named these pigtails the Triple Braid Crossover Pigtails.

To start, part the hair down the center.  Ella actually has a side part so I start the center part toward the crown of her head.  On each side, create three equal sections of hair and braid each of them.  Next, take the top braid on each side and cross it over to the other side.  Proceed to braid pigtails using the three braids as hair sections and secure with an elastic.

For a twist (no pun intended) on this look, twist the pigtails together and secure with one elastic instead of two.  Ella preferred the single twisted braid to the pigtails so we went with that style instead.

Stay tuned for another braid tutorial in the near future.  I have an idea that I’d like to post once it’s perfected.  If you’re in the mood to comment, please let me know about your favorite braided hairstyle.

P.S.  Don’t mind the sloppy parts in the photo.  It was bedtime and I was one tired mommie!  I hadn’t intended to do a tutorial, but once the idea hit me I decided to use the photos we’d already taken rather than re-braid her hair.  Also, if you’re wondering why Ella’s face is so super shiny, that would be the peel-able cucumber face mask she’s modeling.

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