Monday, September 22, 2014

Another Motivational Monday

Being my own motivation hasn’t served me very well in the past.  I have a secret Pinterest board labeled “Body Inspiration” that houses photos of female celebrities’ bodies.  It was meant to inspire me to become a fitter me, but I haven’t looked at it since I created it.  I try to wake up earlier to get a head start on all the day’s to-dos, but the thought of sleeping one more hour or even five more minutes is far too appealing and I end up hitting the snooze button every morning.  I push myself to read more often so as to become a more well-rounded individual, but I find myself engaging in simple, mindless activities instead.  Yes, at times it is difficult if not impossible to motivate ourselves.

Recently, I’ve had this nagging thought that tells me I must be the motivation.  If I want my family to maintain a tidy home, I need to implement and adhere to a strict cleaning schedule.  If I want Ella to be more active, I need to plan more activities.  If I want J to put down his phone and pick up a book, I need to do it first.  During this thought process, I stumbled upon the idea that maybe it would be easier for me to get and stay motivated if I were doing so for the people around me instead of for myself.

The concept is simple yet effective.  Lead by example and in becoming an example of a great person, you in turn become a great person.  Adopt a healthy diet so that your children develop a healthy diet.  Maintain a good exercise regimen to inspire your spouse to do the same.  Be courteous to spark a courteous nature in others.  Be someone’s “I wish I were more like him” or even their “if she can do it, I can too”.  In whatever capacity, work to motivate someone else and you may just find yourself a fully motivated person.

And so ends another Motivational Monday post.  If you have any words of wisdom, I’d love it if you’d drop them in the comment field below.  Happy Monday!

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  1. Very well stated...If I wasn't so tired & in desperate search of slumber once I locate my pillow...I would be Motivated to do 1 or more of the above mentioned! Love you forever Love you for always!