Thursday, July 10, 2014

Very Thankful Thursday: 525,600 Minutes

Today is my 29th birthday and I’m thankful for another year.  It hasn’t been the easiest, but I’m alive and surrounded by people who love and support me.  Sometimes we take for granted the simple act of waking up each morning, of seeing the sun and seeing our loved ones.  I’m so guilty of this.  I engage in arguments over small things.  I’m angered by events that hardly matter.  I sometimes feel I need time away from the very people I can’t bear to be without.

It’s easy to say that we are thankful for life, but it’s often difficult to truly feel thankful.  When the day-to-day hustle and bustle start to take their toll and fatigue sets in, we can become irritated with and even resentful of the things and people around us.  We sometimes forget how precious they are.  This life is not permanent and we are just passing through.  This is what we need to remind ourselves of every day, during every argument and every time we begin to treat life as if it’s less than golden.

My goals for my 29th year include treasuring my life and every person in my life - not just family and friends, but complete strangers as well.  I want to be happier, more patient, more kind, more understanding and more giving.  Life is too short to be anything but these things.  Life is too short to feel anything but thankful.

<3 n

R.I.P. Chris.  I didn’t know you but I know the people that love you dearly and I love them dearly.

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