Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Terrible Two

It was around 6:30pm on Monday night when I felt I may go crazy.  I limped toward a screaming Sadie in the playpen while Hendrix sat sulking in his highchair.  As soon as Sadie was silent and secured with something to drink, I made my way to my makeup bag and then hobbled over to the bed.  I unzipped the bag and fiddled around for a pair of pink tweezers.  I proceeded to fish out the small shard of glass lodged in the bottom of my foot.  Hendrix, one - Dinner Plate, zero.

These kinds of moments, comical and chaotic, are scenarios we couldn’t have imagined even if we’d tried.  When I’d gotten pregnant with Sadie, J and I thought about the extra diaper costs, we worried over where to fit another child in our apartment and we calculated the number of sleepless months we’d soon accrue.  We did not predict the greatest challenges and could not anticipate the amount of hair pulling, face smooshing and toy tug-of-war that would occur when two tiny people attempt to coexist.  And as Sadie has only just begun to crawl and be independently mobile, this is just the beginning.

At age 2, Ella was curious but cautious and gentle.  One of her worst habits was becoming extremely chatty just before she’d fall asleep.  There was nary a tantrum in the grocery store and rarely a need for discipline.  I was fearful that she’d be a tiny terror during her second year, but Ella’s terrible twos stage was mild at best.  This time around, I’m less concerned with the terrible twos and more concerned about the combination of our two little monsters.  J made an observation earlier this week about how different Hendrix and Sadie are from each other.  When angry, Hendrix fusses whereas Sadie screams like a banshee.

Two weekends ago, we attended J’s godson’s party at which a small Yorkshire Terrier was running around.  Hendrix spent a good chunk of our time there chasing the little dog, under the table and all over the place.  Sadie, on the other hand, snuggled in my lap with her eyes affixed to what I can only imagine she perceived as the smallest living creature she’d ever encountered.  Her neck whipped back and forth as she tracked the dog, focused and, you guessed it, screaming her head off.  If we had two likeminded children, we’d be ok.  Their unruly actions would be easier to predict and easier to quash.  Somehow, we were blessed with two opposite children whose activities brew from two opposite sets of motivations making it difficult to subdue them both at once.

Life with the two of them is an adventure to say the least.  From simultaneous crying sessions to pushes and shoves, they keep us - and each other - going.  As parents, we just have to enjoy every crazy minute of it and thank God that we have Ella, who presents her anger in arguments in lieu of tantrums and helps to wash the dishes instead of break them, to balance it all out.

P.S.  This is my first “Little Ones Wednesday” post!  Look forward to another one next week…

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