Monday, July 14, 2014

Motivational Monday: Happy Thoughts

If you were a youngin' circa 1991, you should remember the movie Hook starring Robin Williams as Peter Pan.  In the film, Mr. Peter Banning, as he came to be known in his adulthood, had forgotten all the marvelous things he'd done in Neverland - including how to pretend, how to crow and how to fly.  The idea of flying was hard for the grown up Peter to imagine, but the Lost Boys offered a simple solution.  "Just think happy thoughts," they said.

Now, you and I might not literally take to the sky as depicted in the movie, but we can reach for the stars in the figurative sense.  Whether it's going hard at the gym while picturing that perfect beach body or putting in a long day of work while envisioning your kids' smiling faces when you finally get home, happy thoughts make us fly and see us through the toughest of times.

The beauty of thoughts is their ability to transport us to places where we can be excited, laugh and relax even when our present state or life situation doesn’t allow for such activities.  That ability is both powerful and important.  Feel free to share a few of your happy thoughts below and this week, try to use them as motivation to do something you may otherwise give up on.

Here are some of my happy thoughts…

Listening to Ella’s funny, creative stories and remarks
Hendrix saying goodnight before he runs to his bed
Sadie learning to stand
J coming home each night after a long day of not seeing him
Taking a long, pointless drive
Buying new cleaning/home products (I know I’m a weirdo…)
Going to Ikea!! ;)

<3 n

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