Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ella!

O. M. G.  Has it truly been a decade since I held a 6lb 5oz Ella in my arms?  Since we gave her a name?  Since we first met?  It’s an impossible thought.  The years have gone far too fast and my memory isn’t equipped to handle the rapid passing of time that has led us to this moment - her 10th birthday.

It’s hard to think that I’ll never see that tiny baby again, but it’s amazing to know what a wonderful little person she’s become.  That bittersweetness aside, this next chapter in her life is sure be an exciting one.  We are now in that fragile place that exists between childhood and the dreaded teenage years.  With a little luck and a lot of mutual understanding, I think we’ll make it through just fine and Ella will continue to be the awesome girl I’ve come to know.  I do not throw around the word “blessing”, but to be a part of her life and to have her play a starring role in mine is truly a blessing.  I am the lucky one.

For those of you who do not know Ella, let me give you a brief summary.  She is witty and smart.  She is in the gifted program at her school.  She is sensitive, sweet and extremely caring.  Ella loves to dance and sing and perform for people.  She’s very interested in art, especially fashion design.  Her favorite video games are MineCraft and Pokemon.  Her current favorite color (it changes periodically) is aqua.  Her favorite food is sushi.

As part of Ella’s birthday festivities, we had a mini photo shoot at the park.  Here are a few of my favorite photos…

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