Monday, July 7, 2014

A Little Monday Motivation...

This weekend, as I was driving home, a thought struck me.  Is my life in its present state what I want to look back on and remember when I’m old and gray?  The answer was unclear.  I’m happy, but I do feel that I could be doing more, accomplishing greater things.  Most of those greater things however, seem so far out of reach.  I want so many things that I’ve convinced myself I cannot have and that I needn’t try for because I’m not capable.  That type of thinking is exactly what holds me back from doing all the amazing things I’d love to do.

I found the above quote on the WordSwag app for iPhone.  I was feeling a little less than motivated to write this Motivational Monday post, so I sought help from WordSwag’s database of inspiration.  This one struck a chord with me because I’m definitely an “I can’t” sorta girl.  From the tiniest thought (I can’t do tonight’s blog post because I’m just too tired) to my biggest fear (I can’t be a writer because I’m no one special), I “can’t” myself out of doing so many things.

As I’m sure I’m not the only one suffering from a severe case of the “can’ts”, I decided to pass along this quote as my motivation for this particular Monday.  Do the things you think you cannot do.  Tell that inner voice that says you can’t that you can and you will.  Prove yourself wrong a little more everyday until you’re doing the things you dared not dream about.  And then, when you’re older and grayer, you’ll remember the wondrous moments that arose because you did the things you thought you couldn’t do.

Happy Monday!

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