Monday, May 26, 2014

Garden Update: Happy Two Months!!

Our little garden is now two months old.  We’ve harvested cilantro and basil so far and we are officially on cucumber watch.  We have a whole bunch of infant fruit hiding under the large leaves of the cucumber plants.  This weekend, we added a bit to the garden.  On Saturday, we picked up solar light stakes to stick into the pots.  They actually look really neat and give our balcony a cool atmosphere.  Plus, they provide some much-needed light out there.  On Sunday, my mom bought me a rosemary plant and Ella a variety of snapdragons so those are our newest additions.  Yesterday, J bought more soil and we topped off the pots so the plants have plenty of room to grow.  He accidentally purchased garden soil instead of potting soil, but I figured since I’m only adding a bit to each pot it should be ok.  Other maintenance-type activities that took place this past month were the addition of a bit of plant food and the removal of suckers on the tomato plants.

So today I realized I’m a little obsessed with the garden.  Several times, I’ve caught myself just standing on the balcony, staring at the plants.  I’m really not sure why.  Creeper moment.  I think I’m just excited that the plants are doing so well and we’re actually on the way to growing some great vegetables.  I still want to add more flowers and some palms or ferns.  I could probably spend hours planning, buying and planting things to incorporate into our garden.  It’s really become a sickness. Hehe.

Visit again to read more about our balcony garden and all the other fun things we’ve got going on.  ALSO, please, please, please leave me a comment linking to your gardening blog or gardening blog posts.  I’d love to read about your experiences.

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P.S. We have leaf miners, guys!!  I’ll write more about those nasty little pests in the next update…

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