Saturday, April 26, 2014

One Month Garden Update

It’s been one month since we replanted our little garden and things are growing pretty well.  With Ella’s help, I’ve remembered to water regularly which is something I completely failed to do last year.  So far, we’ve harvested cilantro (for veggie taco night) and basil (for homemade pizza).  Both were deliciously fresh.  I had a small sense of accomplishment in knowing that, although I didn’t grow an entire meal for our family, I did contribute a bit.  I’m really looking forward to the tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers.  Once I can make a complete salad with what we’ve grown, I will allow myself to feel proud.

As our garden grows, so does my lists of to-dos.  I need to purchase four more large pots so I can separate the tomato plants as currently there are three plants per pot.  I’d also like to get some flowers and some palms or ferns.  I’m thinking about getting some succulents just to add a little variety.  If I thought I’d be able to maintain it, I’d make our balcony look like the gardening section of Home Depot.  Hehe.  Another thing I’d like to add to our garden is knowledge.  I don’t have many spare moments, but I would like to read up on exactly what our plants need so I can give them every advantage.

Don't forget to visit again next month to read and see how our garden’s doing!!

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