Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lemonade Diet: Day 7

Only three days to go!!  Let me start by saying I felt horrible this morning and it’s all my fault.  I drank less than two cups of the lemonade yesterday (half the second glass spilled in my car - darn it all!).  That was completely unsafe and I’d advise anyone against doing drinking less than the recommended six glasses.  It wasn’t on purpose.  I simply had an extremely busy day and didn’t really notice that I wasn’t drinking anything.  I woke up feeling extremely dizzy and weak.  J wanted to get me a donut this morning but I refused.  I felt much better after having a couple glasses of the lemonade, but it was still a little scary.  Lesson learned.

Today was a very busy day at work so I was really tired by the time I got home.  I didn’t feel sluggish though just mentally done for the day.  When I got home, I realized I’d left my maple syrup and cayenne pepper at work.  I immediately started chopping up vegetables.  I served some to Ella and Hendrix for dinner along with half a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich each.  I resisted the urge to put peanut butter on the celery for myself and let me tell you, it was a strong urge.  I prepared a bowl of raw carrots, celery, tomatoes and cucumber instead.  To say I was unsatisfied by the thought of eating a bowl of veggies with no seasoning, no dip, no nothing would be an understatement.  I searched the cupboards and fridge for any all-natural substance I could use to give the bowl of bland a little flavor.  As I opened the cap of the balsamic vinaigrette I told myself not to do it.  I tilted the bottle and thought of how much better these veggies were about to be.  I almost let a drop drip out before I quickly turned it back to an upright position and replaced the cap.  Apparently, I have willpower hiding somewhere that even I didn't know existed.

After resisting temptation, the rest of the night was a breeze.  I finished it off with some tea, got the kids to bed and called it a night.  Goodnight!!

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