Monday, March 31, 2014

Lemonade Diet: Day 6

Day 6?!?!  How did we get here so quickly and with so much ease?  Yesterday was a little rocky but today was just fine.  Work went by quickly and since J made dinner I didn’t have to stare at food for too long.  Today I really noticed how much my energy level has increased.  I actually don’t mind running from one place to the next or jumping over the baby gate that guards our kitchen and I no longer have that generally tired feeling when I get home from work.  I know I can’t stay on the lemonade diet forever, but I truly want to feel like this all the time.  It’s amazing.  I greatly underestimated how much food (no pun intended) was weighing me down.  With only four days to go, I need to finalize the rules I’ve jotted down for my post-cleanse diet.  I’ll probably share that on Day 10.  I’ve toyed with the idea of postponing the last day to see how long I can hold out and continue to reap the benefits of this cleanse.  We’ll see how that goes.

I think I forgot to mention the dreamy feeling I had on Thursday and Friday.  My diet buddy had the same feeling so I know I’m not going crazy.  It was like that spacey feeling you get when you’re sick.  Thankfully, that cleared up over the weekend and today I was gloriously clear-headed.  I feel like my thoughts are flowing far better than they have recently.  That’s something truly invaluable and another reason I wouldn’t mind extending the ten-day time period.

I’ll be back for Day 7 tomorrow!!  Until then, have a happy Monday and a goodnight!

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