Monday, March 31, 2014

Lemonade Diet: Day 6

Day 6?!?!  How did we get here so quickly and with so much ease?  Yesterday was a little rocky but today was just fine.  Work went by quickly and since J made dinner I didn’t have to stare at food for too long.  Today I really noticed how much my energy level has increased.  I actually don’t mind running from one place to the next or jumping over the baby gate that guards our kitchen and I no longer have that generally tired feeling when I get home from work.  I know I can’t stay on the lemonade diet forever, but I truly want to feel like this all the time.  It’s amazing.  I greatly underestimated how much food (no pun intended) was weighing me down.  With only four days to go, I need to finalize the rules I’ve jotted down for my post-cleanse diet.  I’ll probably share that on Day 10.  I’ve toyed with the idea of postponing the last day to see how long I can hold out and continue to reap the benefits of this cleanse.  We’ll see how that goes.

I think I forgot to mention the dreamy feeling I had on Thursday and Friday.  My diet buddy had the same feeling so I know I’m not going crazy.  It was like that spacey feeling you get when you’re sick.  Thankfully, that cleared up over the weekend and today I was gloriously clear-headed.  I feel like my thoughts are flowing far better than they have recently.  That’s something truly invaluable and another reason I wouldn’t mind extending the ten-day time period.

I’ll be back for Day 7 tomorrow!!  Until then, have a happy Monday and a goodnight!

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lemonade Diet: Day 5

We're halfway there!!  I have to admit today wasn't the easiest.  I was really ready to eat by the end of the day so I had a little broccoli and a celery stick.  When I woke up this morning I did have a headache and feel a little dizzy, but that was completely my fault.  I only had a couple glasses of the lemonade yesterday so I know I was low on something my body likes.  Despite not feeling amazing today, I'm hanging in there and the fasting continues.  I stayed strong thinking about all the calories J brought into the house that I wasn’t consuming this weekend.  Chips.  Dip.  Ice cream drumsticks.  Tostadas.  Cheese.  Sour cream.  All those calories.  None inside of Nicky.  Hehe.  I think tomorrow at work will be much easier.  I’ll keep you posted!!

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Our Dirty Days

This weekend, fueled by the beautiful California sunshine, we took the first steps toward reviving our balcony garden and our balcony in general.  Ella and I spruced up the soil and planted seeds while Hendrix practiced his digging skills.  Sadie played happily in her jumper and J cleaned up and reorganized his new gym equipment.  Ella also practiced her archery with her Nerf bow.  It was a really relaxing weekend which was a nice change from our usually busy schedule.

I’m going to really make an effort to ensure our garden’s success this year.  I’m employing Ella as our gardening supervisor so she will oversee the watering and make sure I tend to the garden regularly.  This is a necessary job.  In her words, “Yea, I have to or it’s gonna die.”  I’m planning on writing monthly posts on our progress so look out for those if you’re interested in seeing how our garden grows.

Our activities this weekend included sowing several varieties of seeds.  I’m certainly not opposed to starting seedlings indoors and then transplanting, but since our weather allows for direct sowing I take full advantage of that.  I’m not an expert at gardening so it’s quite possible that skipping the extra step might be bad.  However, this is the way my dad (excellent gardner!) does it so I’m following his footsteps on this one.

I’m really hoping and praying that we end up with not only a living garden, but a prolific one because I’m really excited about the vegetables and herbs we’re growing.  Here’s what we planted:

Sweet Basil - Fresh is so much better than store-bought.  I can’t wait to make to some delicious Caprese sandwiches!

Cucumbers - We are all fans of cucumbers so they were a must.  I remember growing my own cucumber plant when I was little.  The seeds and instructions came in a McDonald’s Happy Meal.  Can we bring that back for the kids??

Rosemary - I love rosemary.  The smell.  The taste.  Everything.  I especially love adding it to the potatoes we wrap in foil and throw on the BBQ during the summer.

Cilantro - Cilantro is essential since it can be used in so many types of foods.  I even chop it up and put it into salads as another green.

Heirloom Tomatoes - These are the stars of farmers’ markets for me (along with avocados because I just can’t get enough avocado!).  I’m hoping they adapt well to containers because I’m really looking forward to these.

Tricolor Cherry Tomatoes - What’s better than pulling a bite-sized tomato off the vine for summertime snack?  Ella and I thought the tricolor variety would be more fun than all reds so we picked these up.  I know she and Hendrix will really enjoy eating them.

Tom Thumb Lettuce - Garden-fresh lettuce will be great for salads.  This variety is different from last year’s which was a loose-leaf type.  This variety will grow in heads instead.

Serrano Peppers - J and I are lovers of spicy food so having peppers on-hand will be awesome.  I plan on using them in chili, eggs, salsas, guacamole… The list goes on.

English Daisies - I almost forgot about these!  I’m finally starting to come around to the idea of flowers.  I’m not sure why but I’ve never really been into flowers - like in general, in life.  I’ll probably buy some other varieties in the near future just to add some color and cuteness to our garden.

Please feel free to leave me comments, gardening tips, links to your gardening blog posts or photos or anything else you want to leave me in the comments section below.  In addition to our garden, we also want to create a gym section (which we already loosely have in place), a play area for the kids and a place for outdoor dining so I’ll probably be blogging about the development of those areas in the future as well.  Thanks for reading!!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lemonade Diet: Day Four

Today I managed to do a 30-minute cardio workout and a bit of gardening without passing out.  I felt really good except for a little dizziness when I was in the heat for too long.  I also survived J eating chips and dip in front of me.  I caught myself just before my finger helped itself to a dollop of dip.  It may be a little nasty that I was going to stick my finger in his food, but he and I are pretty well-acquainted so I think it’s ok.  I ate one piece of broccoli in the afternoon and that was it for the day.  Other than a few tummy pains, today was successful. Six more days to go!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Lemonade Diet: Day Three

Day three - wow!  This morning I noticed I have a lot more energy. I didn't wake up dreading the day or the act of leaving my bed. I also noticed that my psoriasis (I have it mildly but it's certainly annoying and sometimes painful) is starting to clear up. I'm going to do a little research to see if anyone else has experienced this while doing the Master Cleanse.  Maybe it’s a placebo effect, but I’m definitely noticing some changes already.  I forgot to mention the bad headaches I had the first two days, but they’re gone now.  I wasn’t hungry at all today until I got home.  Even then, it wasn’t really hunger but a craving for what I was preparing the kids.  I ate some raw veggies, drank some lemonade and felt nice and full.  Hopefully this weekend won’t be too difficult.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lemonade Diet: Day Two

I must say, today was far easier than yesterday.  I didn’t think about food at all while I was at work and only minimally while I was at home.  The urge to eat a bite of the soup I made for Ella was easy to dismiss and I think I can make it through the rest of the evening without even eating the raw vegetables.  Yay!

The only unsavory symptoms I had were a few tummy pains tonight.  Those vanished after I drank my fourth glass of the day, so no biggie.  Did I mention I also survived a trip to the donut shop without even thinking about making a purchase.  I’m making far greater progress than my last attempt at this a few years back.  The weekend will either be really easy or really challenging.  If I’m cleaning and staying active, I probably won’t care about eating.  If I’m lounging and feeling lazy however, I might run into some problems.  We’ll see how it goes.

Side Note: My Master Cleanse buddy is doing really well also!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lemonade Diet: Day One

One day down.  Nine to go!  Today I felt pretty good.  I haven’t been hungry at all.  I did eat raw celery sticks and raw kale after work, but that was mostly just for the sake of munching on something.  I’m pretty confident that I can get through the remainder of the day without eating anything else.  I need to drink two more glasses of “lemonade” to make the six-glasses-per-day quota.  I may have a couple more after that depending on how I feel and then finish off the day with the laxative tea.  I’m not doing the salt water flush in the morning (I will probably replace that with more tea).  I’m a working mommie so waking up earlier just to spend time “flushing” is completely out of the question.  No thank you.

Today I thought I’d write a little more about why I decided to do the Master Cleanse.  Admittedly, the thought of quick weight loss is extremely appealing, but that’s not the real reasoning behind all this.  For the last couple weeks, I’ve been searching for something to help jumpstart my fitness journey.  Although I’m back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and I should cut myself some slack since I had two babies in two years, I’ve been a little down about my body lately.  I’m hoping this ten-day fast will help prepare me to eat healthier going forward.  If I do lose a few pounds during this process, I think it will be a huge motivation to continue working on my body.

After the Master Cleanse, I intend to follow a mostly raw diet with a cheat day either once a week or once every two weeks.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to squeeze the gym into our busy schedules, but I’ll work out some type of exercise routine.  At the very least, I need to start walking with the kids after work.  I don’t have a set weight goal.  I just know what I’d like to look and feel like, so I’m working towards that.

The only challenge during this first day was remembering not to eat and keeping thoughts of food out of my head.  On a normal day, I wouldn’t day dream or drool.  On a diet day however, I can’t stop thinking about food.  That said, today was pretty easy and if the next nine days follow suit, I should be just fine.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Lemonade Diet!!

Tomorrow I will be starting The Master Cleanse AKA The Lemonade Diet.  The last time I attempted this grueling ten day fast, I completely failed - like lasted-half-a-day failed.  This time, two things are different. I have a buddy and we're adding raw veggies to our diet (a la BeyoncĂ©).

Generally, I hate any type of highly restrictive diet because although my body's willing to sacrifice, my mind just can't hang.  When I'm cleaning, I never eat until I'm finished so I know I'm capable of going without food for extended periods of time.  HOWEVER, if I label an act of limited food consumption with the word "diet", all I want to do is eat.  That’s where a buddy comes in handy.  It’s nice to know I have someone who I'm counting on and who is counting on me during the next ten days.  Since my buddy is also one of my co-workers, we’ll be spending enough time together to keep each other in check (hopefully!).

To document our little adventure and keep me motivated, I'll be posting daily updates here.  Wish me luck!

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