Monday, February 24, 2014

What's on the Menu Monday: Fresh and Easy

Breakfast: I’m sure it comes as no surprise that breakfast was once again caffeinated and in liquid form.  My coffee of the day was Gloria Jean’s Caramel Almond Torte with Coffee-Mate Caramel & Coconut Creamer which is part of their girl scout cookies line and inspired by my personal favorite - the samoa!!

Lunch: Lunch consisted of Oat Revolution Thick & Hearty Oats in the maple and brown sugar flavor.  If I don’t have a salad for lunch, I have this.  It’s not the mush meal that we’ve all come to fear when tearing open a bag of instant oatmeal.  It’s delicious and the oats are shaped like and taste like real oats.  How revolutionary!

Snack: One orange that I shared with Hendrix

Dinner: For dinner, I made sautéed cabbage, kale and tomatoes with fresh ginger and organic tricolor quinoa from Trader Joe’s.  The ingredients are pictured above…

Dessert:  Kroger Deluxe Churned Rocky Road Ice Cream (it has no sugar added and 50% less fat - yay!)

P.S. I’m sorry for the lack of posts recently!!  Things have been a little hectic but I’ll be resuming my regular posting schedule.

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