Friday, February 21, 2014

My Garden: Take Two

Last year, I purchased, I planted, I watered and waited.  I watched as tiny green sprouts emerged from the soil and grew into various veggies and herbs.  Then I got pregnant and busy and tired and the whole thing went to pot (pun intended).  This year, undeterred by my previous complete and utter failure, I’m starting again.

Below is a list of what I will be replanting from last year’s garden.  I’d also like to add a couple more vegetable plants and probably some flowers.  I’ll keep you all posted on that.

Serrano Peppers

I plan to get Ella involved a lot more since she’s old enough to take on many of the fun “responsibilities" of tending to a garden.  I’ll try to do (at the very least) a monthly garden update so you can see our little garden progress and I’ll be more obliged to keep up with my agricultural efforts.

You can read all about my good gardening intentions from last year in this post.  If you blog about your garden adventures, I’d love to read about them.  I’d also love to see any gardening sites that you all find helpful.  Please leave me your links in the comments section!

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