Monday, January 6, 2014

What's on the Menu Monday: Our Day of Dining Out

Breakfast: After being sick since the day before Christmas, J and I finally made it back to the gym today and officially started Gymuary.  Afterwards, we headed to Jamba Juice where I got a Berry Lime Sublime with a Kale Boost.  It was delicious!!

Lunch: I had half of a Bleu Ribbon Burger (subbed the cow for a veggie patty) with fries and an iced tea from Red Robin.  It’s not the healthiest lunch, but that’s ok.

Dinner: For dinner, I finished off the other half of my veggie burger.

Dessert: Since I had quite a bit to do this evening and it was still relatively early, I decided to have a coffee.  Tonight’s choice was Starbucks Christmas Blend in K-Cup form (still enjoying my edible xmas gift - thanks Danny and Denyse!)

Hope everyone had a happy Monday!

<3 n

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