Sunday, January 5, 2014

Saturday at the Park

Shortly after the photo, Ella plucked this dandelion to make a wish.

Exploring the grass was fun until Hendrix decided the dirt would make a great snack.

I can't think of a fancy description for this photo, but I like it.

I just realized I didn't include a face-on photo of Ella because I was so in love with this one!

This is one of the many, many gopher holes we spotted along the way.

Here's silly Hendrix swinging upside-down with J's help.

After editing, this photo doesn't accurately depict the day (it was beautiful and sunny), but I think it's a neat shot so I decided to include it.

Sadie enjoyed the day snuggled in her carseat which sat atop the stroller.

It hasn't rained for weeks here, so I'm guessing this is a sprinkler-induced puddle.

This was our yesterday.  It was so nice out, it’s hard to believe we’re in the midst of winter.  Rather than take the kids to the playground, we opted for running through fields, picking flowers (or grass in Hendrix’s case) and climbing trees.  Ella also tried out her new scooter which was a Christmas gift from my parents.  We had a really nice time, so I thought I’d share our day.

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  1. Awesome way to spend the day...nothing like the great outdoors. Thank goodness we are not back East. It is truly winter for them. "There's No Place Like Home" Great Shots ! Black & White is really nice after the kids photos of course :) then I like the Sky Tree... Love you

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! ;) Yea, I prefer our "winter" also. I'm glad you liked the photos. Love you too mom!!