Monday, December 2, 2013

What's on the Menu Monday: Leftover Thanks & Bday Cakes

Breakfast: Starbucks Pike Place coffee with pumpkin spice creamer!  That’s been breakfast lately, but starting tomorrow we’ll be back on track.  J and I have just rejoined the gym, so we have a newfound motivation to whip our diets into shape.

Snack: Butter waffle cookies and pistachios (more bad stuff!)

Lunch: As we’re still grazing on Thanksgiving leftovers, I had my mom’s homemade sweet potato pie for lunch.

Dinner:  I ate Turkey Day overstock for dinner as well.  This time it was string beans, Brussels sprouts and portobello mushrooms.  I also had a slice of pizza J’s mom brought for his birthday.  He’s 29 today.  Yay!

Dessert: Birthday cake! (also courtesy of J’s mom)

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