Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Read All About It: 30 Day Trial Expired

After today, December will be done and so expires my first 30 Day Trial.  I can honestly say (sorry guys!) I did not read everyday as intended BUT I did read most days and many days I read for much longer than my allotted hour.

Not only did I find reading to be a source of relaxation after busy days, but it was exhilarating and inspiring as well.  There is something so necessary about reading in a time when the act of watching has become so commonplace.  The process of having someone sketch another world in your mind while you simultaneously color in all the details is a beautiful one.  It is something that is lost when we plop down on the couch and become purely spectators.

In addition to reading the first two installments of The Hunger Games trilogy, I read a lot of blog posts.  For someone who aspires to write, reading is essential.  And, for someone who aspires to be a blogger, reading blogs is imperative.  Through this process, I realized how unfair it was of me to ask people to discover and appreciate my work when I hardly made an effort to seek out and take in the works of others.  I will not make that mistake again.

All in all, I’d say December’s 30 Day Trial was a success for me.  I’m not sure if anyone joined in this month, but if you did feel free to comment and let me know how it went.  Come back tomorrow to read about - and maybe even take part in - my 30 Day Trial for January!!

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