Friday, December 6, 2013

Mini Haul: Target and Victoria's Secret

Today, J and I enjoyed a little alone time while Ella was at school and J’s mom watched Hendrix and Sadie.  We ventured to the gym, then to lunch and afterwards did a little bit of shopping.  Since I love watching haul videos, I decided to do a mini haul blog post about what we bought.  We didn’t get much at all as we need to focus our funds on Christmas shopping (and other fun stuff like rent and food), but I thought it’d be fun to post this anyway.

’Tis the season for a Victoria’s Secret sale!  Until Sunday, you can get five pairs of undies from the PINK line for just $26.  I posted the accompanying photo in hopes that it would provide you all with an idea of what I purchased without being too inappropriate.

Free PINK Puppy
With my Victoria’s Secret purchase, I received another adorable mini dog to add to my collection.  I’ve actually given most of them to Ella over the years, but looking back I kinda wish I’d kept them all in mint condition.  Oh well!  I’m still very much enjoying my new blue iridescent doggy.

Baby Wipes
Scented Up & Up brand wipes from Target.  Gotta have ‘em!

Two Basic Tanks
When we left Target, J asked if these tank tops are for the gym.  Silly man!  The reason I bought two simple, neutral-colored tank tops is because they’re super versatile.  “They’re for the gym, for home, for going out, for anywhere,” I told him.  Besides, women don’t sweat to the point of spoiling clothing like guys do - most of the time anyway.  Just in case I should require more, Target currently has them on sale for two for $16.

Sadie’s Snuggly Suit
It was imperative that we purchased a warm winter suit for Sadie as the weather’s been very cold for us Southern Californians the last few days.  Now, when I say “very cold” I’m talking highs in the 60s and lows in the 30s.  It’s not that cold and there aren’t any snowflakes in sight, but she does need to stay nice and cozy so we bought the suit.  Pink is my favorite color and the polka dots are very cute.  Bonus - the suit matches the Victoria’s Secret shopping bag which, I informed J, I will most definitely be hoarding as it’s just too beautiful to toss.

Big Sis/Little Sis Headbands
These Cherokee brand headbands from Target are labeled “one size” so, thinking that they’d work for both of my girls, I bought two!  The headband’s a little large on Sadie (it fits but the flower decoration is a bit massive), so I think it will only be practical for photography purposes for now.  Ella will get a lot more use out of hers as the proportions are more appropriate for her.  We briefly toyed with the idea of getting Hendrix a black bow tie, but J reminded me that there’s zero chance of him keeping it on.

The Trader’s Joe-Joe’s
These seasonal cookies are absolutely delicious.  If you haven’t tried them, they’re essentially Oreos but with candy cane cream filling.  Personally, I think they taste better than Oreos.  They seem to be less processed or more natural-tasting, if that makes any sense at all.

Work-Out Warmth
Last, but not least, J got a pair of lined leggings for the gym.  I tried them on when we got home and I think I might need to get a pair of my own.  The inside lining is nice and fleecy and, since I get cold very quickly, that would certainly come in handy.

So that’s it for my first haul blog post!  I hope you enjoyed it.  Please comment with a link to your haul posts or videos and I’ll gladly read or watch them.

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