Sunday, December 22, 2013

Countdown to 2014 in Photos: 10…

Today’s photo challenge is “Red”.  Since most of our holiday shopping bags and buys feature this rosy Christmas color, I decided to photograph a few of them.  Included in this picture are a Macy’s bag containing a Gap sweater for my dad, a Victoria’s Secret bag which holds a gift set for J’s mom, Snickerdoodle and Molasses cookie mixes for Santa’s snack, Target bags filled with various goodies for J and Sadie, and a Vans bag which houses a gift for one of my best friends.  Parking at the mall was absolutely horrible.  It was like trying to find an inn with a vacancy on Christmas Eve.  Nevertheless, Ella and I braved the crowds to purchase the presents listed above.  The venture reminded me of the wonderfully chaotic Christmas shopping trips I've taken with my mom over the years.

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