Monday, December 23, 2013

Countdown to 2014 in Photos: 9...

Today is “Presents Under the Tree” day!  When I was little, I was always very excited about Christmas and extremely anxious to rip into all of my presents.  That’s pretty natural for a child.  Now that I’m older and I’m on the giving end of gifts however, I get far too excited about seeing other people open presents.  I’ve been guilty, once or twice, of forcing my family members to open gifts prematurely.  More often, I have the horrible habit of talking to the recipient about their gift without saying what I actually bought them.  I just can’t stand the wait!  Because of this, I think last-minute shopping and wrapping actually help me since I know I don’t have to wait too long before giving my loved ones their goodies.  I’m weird.  I know this.

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