Thursday, November 21, 2013

Very Thankful Thursday: The Beginning

As I drive to and from work and all around running errands, I notice the bumper-to-bumper traffic and the potholes and the jerks who refuse to acknowledge the little white lines separating their space from mine.  I usually don’t think to admire all the amazing things around me like blooming flowers or fresh air coming through the window or even the sound of the reliable vehicle that facilitates my trips.  Oftentimes, this forgetfulness extends into other aspects of my life and I’m not as thankful as I should be.  To help myself become more aware of all the great things and remember to be grateful for each of them, I’ve decided to implement these “Very Thankful Thursday” posts.  Each week, I will be writing about something - big or small - for which I am thankful.

This week, I’m especially grateful for my new iMac.  This may sound a bit materialistic, but please read on!  I’ve been without a home computer for a few years, so it’s such a blessing to have one now.  I can finally write, view photos and surf the internet somewhere other than my phone and Kindle.  On top of that, this is my first Apple computer, so discovering all of its cool features has been tons of fun.  I’ve been editing pictures of my little ones, writing more than I have in quite sometime and watching YouTube videos in non-mobile site mode which hasn’t occurred in I don’t know how long.  Christmas came early this year and, as I’m sure you can guess, I am very thankful!

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